Follow along with the progress of the barrier wall

As part of our commitment to our North Carolina neighbors, we want to keep the public informed on the progress being made at the Fayetteville plant to help improve the Cape Fear River.

UPDATE: February 22, 2022

Installation of the retaining walls along the Barrier Wall Road

UPDATE: February 22, 2022

Installation of GW Recovery Wells and Barrier Wall Road grading

UPDATE: March 3, 2022

ON THE RIGHT: Drilling the extraction wells; ON THE LEFT: Drilling to confirm the depth to the confining clay unit on the center line of barrier wall

UPDATE: April 8, 2022

Pad construction for the water treatment plant and installation of extraction well #55

UPDATE: April 8, 2022

Installation of the retaining walls along the barrier wall alignment

UPDATE: April 8, 2022

Installation of extraction wells in Willis Creek

UPDATE: April 12, 2022

Concrete pour of the first quadrant of the water treatment plant pad

UPDATE: April 22, 2022

Updated image of the Pad construction of the 004 water treatment plant

UPDATE: May 20, 2022

All GAC vessels delivered and, on the pad, as of this morning

We have begun and are currently in the final stages of developing the 90
percent design plan for submission to the NC Department of
Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The barrier wall is an integral part of our plan, and it will allow us to better capture the
groundwater so it can be treated before it is released in the river.

Over one mile long and an average of six stories deep, the wall is designed so underground water can be captured. The captured water will be treated to remove chemical compounds with a minimum efficiency of 99%.

As civil work continues in preparation of the barrier wall construction, we
will continue to update you as we make progress on the planning and
future construction stages.