Working towards a new standard for essential manufacturing in North Carolina

A standard unparalleled by any other industry in North Carolina.

Using the power of science and chemistry.

Achieving measurable environmental success.

We want to improve the quality of water and air in the
Cape Fear River Valley.

That’s who we are

We are building a new standard for essential manufacturing in North Carolina.
Pie chart 95%


Reduction Of All Pollutants

Pie chart 99%


Reduction By 2030 – Our Goal

Pie chart 60%


Reduction In Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2030


Net Zero

Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2050


We Constructed

The Thermal Oxidizer In Record Time In Order To Reach Our Goal Of …

Pie chart 99%


Reduction Of PFAS Air Emissions1

The quality of life for all our communities begins with a quality environment

What’s next?

We are turning our attention toward the design and construction of a proposed groundwater remedy that includes an underground barrier wall.

This wall will be greater than 70 feet in depth and more than a mile long.

Running near the Cape Fear River, the wall and related pumping system will keep groundwater and legacy PFAS from reaching the river.

We are committed to manufacturing our products responsibly and reducing PFAS emissions and discharges while delivering quality products we all depend on and use every day.


That’s who we are

Stay tuned for more information as our plans for the wall are approved by the state.

Sources: 1. Fayetteville Observer, August 2020