The quality of life for all our communities begins with a quality environment

Sign the petition today to help build the wall and help improve the quality of life for our communities.

Act Now and Help Improve the Cape Fear

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At Chemours, we are working towards new environmental standards for essential manufacturing in North Carolina. That’s what being a responsible business means.

We have designed a plan to build a barrier wall along the Cape Fear River. Over one mile long and an average of six stories deep, the wall is designed so underground water can be captured and treated to remove chemical compounds with a minimum efficiency of 99%.

We need your help to build the barrier wall so we can capture and treat groundwater before it enters the Cape Fear River. The pending permit has to be approved in order for Chemours to build the wall.

Tell the Department of Environmental Quality to approve the 004 permit as soon as possible so construction of the wall can begin.

At Chemours, we’re committed to doing our part and we hope others will join in doing theirs. Let’s pave the way for other companies to join us in protecting our state’s most valuable resources.